Electrical Wiring in Miami FL

Electrical wiring in Miami FL is vital to the safety, efficiency, and value of your home. Whether you are building a new house or have an outdated system in need of an upgrade, professional electrical contractors are your best bet for ensuring the wiring is installed safely and meets all local codes.

Knob & Tube Wiring

A knob and tube wiring system is an old electrical system that dates back to the 1800s. It consists of wires threaded through ceramic knobs and tubes.

This type of wiring system is considered to be a fire hazard and not safe for modern homes. It can also damage modern electronics and is not designed to handle the power demands of a household today.

Knob and tube wiring has no ground wire, which increases the risk of shorts and electric fires. In addition, the rubber insulation used to protect the wires can decay and become exposed to air and moisture.

Because this wiring is so dangerous, most insurance companies will not insure homes with knob and tube. However, there are some types of K&T systems that will qualify for home insurance in some cases. It is best to call a licensed electrician to assess your knob and tube wiring to see if it could be covered under your policy.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring is dangerous unless it is rewired or replaced. It should be removed or rewired by a licensed electrician to prevent fires, damage and potential electrical injuries.

A Franklin Research Institute survey for CPSC found that pre-1972 homes wired with aluminum are 55 times more likely to reach “fire hazard conditions” at outlet connections and splices than those wired with copper.

If you are looking to buy a home with aluminum wiring, be sure to get it inspected before you make your purchase. Your local home inspection team can help determine if the property has aluminum wiring and provide an estimate for an upgrade or replacement.

If you have a home with aluminum wiring, your insurance company may require that it be rewired to replace the old aluminum wires. Some insurers do not write homeowner’s policies on homes with aluminum wiring, while others will only offer coverage if a licensed electrician makes acceptable modifications to the home.


If you notice that your circuit breakers frequently trip, lights flicker or light switches feel hot to the touch, you may need to have your home rewired. This can be a costly project, but it’s essential to have your wiring updated before there are any problems.

Rewiring is a major job, so make sure you hire a qualified electrician for the work. Look for a company with at least one master electrician who has both a professional license and an electrical contractor license.

You’ll also want to verify licensing, insurance and bonding before hiring an electrician to rewire your home.

Older homes often have outdated wires that don’t meet modern building codes. This can cause serious problems for your home, including fires and electrical injuries.


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