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Kros Nano Disposable Vape Flavors Watermelon Candy

The Kros Nano Disposable Vape is a great way to enjoy your favorite fruity beverage. It comes in a wide variety of flavors, such as Watermelon, Ice, and Spearmint, so you will surely find something that you’ll like. There are also refillable bottles available, so you don’t have to buy a new one after each use.

Watermelon Ice

The Watermelon Ice Kros Nano vape is a high-quality vape that uses a 1.2 ohm mesh coil to create smooth watermelon ice flavor in every puff. With a slew of flavors to choose from, this device is perfect for those who prefer a more mellow, fruity taste.

The KROS Nano is a sleek and compact disposable vape that has a 650 mAh battery. Its battery can last for a full day of moderately intense vaping. In addition, it comes pre-loaded with 13ml of e-juice accompanied by a USB-C charging port.

What makes the Kros Nano a worthy contender is its quality make and the fact that it delivers a hefty 5000 puffs worth of vapor. It is also the newest entrant to the market, making it a good bet for those who aren’t looking to invest in a big ticket item.

There are a number of different flavors to choose from, but the one that stands out as the best of the bunch is the Summer Berry Ice. This blend features a trio of sweet and sour berries on a crushed ice base to give you an experience that feels like you’re on vacation in the tropics.

The Kros Nano 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape has a colorful palette and 13ml of e-liquid. Its sleek boxy design and 5000 puffs of e-liquid should satisfy even the most finicky of vapers.


If you are looking for a device that gives you a satisfying vape experience, then you should try a Kros Nano. These disposable vapes deliver excellent performance and are a cinch to carry.

The KROS Nano is a small, sleek, and impressively designed device. It boasts a high-powered battery and a draw-activated design that gives you plenty of flavorful puffs. In addition to its cool design, the KROS Nano is available in a large number of delicious flavors. You can even get a Salt-based nicotine juice in a variety of strengths.

There are seven great Kros Mini flavors. Aside from the name, they include the Grape Ice, Mixed Berries, Sour Apple Ice, Straw Kiwi Ice, Watermelon Candy, and Banana Straw. As you might expect from such a small device, the branding is minimal. This includes a simple logo on a glossy black plastic front.

The KROS Nano boasts a 650mAh rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy a whopping 5000 puffs on a single charge. Additionally, you’ll find a handy Type-C port for recharging. Not to mention, the unit also comes with a 1.2 ohm mesh coil. While this is the smallest wattage possible, it has been proven to produce the highest level of vapor and a more reliable draw.

Watermelon Candy

If you’re looking for an ultra sweet disposable vape, look no further. The Kros Nano Watermelon Candy vape is a great choice for those who want to vape a bold fruity flavor. It’s made from quality materials and comes in seven different flavors.

The Kros Nano is an innovative vape with an ultra-compact design. This disposable vape uses a mesh atomizer coil to maximize vapor production. Also, the battery has a USB-C charging port. You can charge your device repeatedly until the e-liquid runs out.

The KROS Nano has a 650mAh battery. This means it can deliver 4000 puffs before the battery runs out. It does not come with a charging cable, though you can purchase one at the point of sale.

The mouthpiece is a duck-billed style. Though the device is small, it packs a lot of flavor.

The battery has a 1.2 ohm mesh coil, which enhances vapor production. The LED status light is on the base.

The watermelon flavor is very good. It combines the juicy taste of a watermelon with a crisp menthol finish.

Other flavors include strawberry watermelon, tropical punch, mixed berries, summer berry ice, and spearmint. Each of these vape juice blends has a bold and refreshing taste.

These disposable vapes have a small LED light on the base. There’s also a USB-C charging port on the base.